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(I may have just turned down the volume on my computer in an attempt to turn the volume down on my television. GO TO SLEEP, ME.)

I finally got a chance to go to the Georgia Renaissance Festival today, with [ profile] ink_slinger22 and some of her peripheral fellows. (Attending a women's college makes you think of dudes as specifically connected to their female friends and girlfriends.) While it was threatening to storm, the weather actually held nicely. We actually saw a lot of shows this time around- Aerial Acrobatics and All The King's Horses as well as our usual Ded Bob and Tortuga Twins (the R-rated show, of course). Ded Bob had a fair amount of new material, as well as being derailed by the audience, and we totally derailed the Tortuga Twins show, as well as getting them to kiss. (It's not RenFest season until you do that, folks.) It was hilarious. I didn't actually pick up any new garb or jewelry- I bought a Tortuga Twins DVD and a fan membership. :B 

I may be traveling soon- my parents, who pretend to not be spontaneous, are thinking of going to New England on Tuesday or Wednesday, and I still haven't convinced them to let me stay, look after the house and the dog, and look for work. I've applied to Target, Rita's, and a local card store, and I'm just waiting to hear back. I just want to work over the summer or, failing that, focus on things I've neglected during school- my French, my piano, etc. It's just... ugh. 
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jesus it is LATE. I need to go to bed.

I have finished the preliminary editing of my New York City documentary, and it runs about 43 minutes... I imagine once I get everyone's videos and photos it'll be about an hour, which is good. I just have to pick a song for the travel montage that will sound happy and not out of place when it segues into The Decemberists "Yankee Bayonet (I Will Be Home Then)" for the 9/11 site footage.

My birthday will be celebrated on Friday, but it is on Wednesday. I learned today that if I skip breakfast, I will be nauseous for the rest of the day. GOOD TO KNOW.
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So, I just got back from New York. Needless to say, it was an absolute BLAST. I hurt all over, from toting around my camera and backpack and from the dance workshop. We did the choreography from You Can't Stop The Beat from Hairspray. I thought I was in pretty good shape.

I met David Hyde Pierce after Curtains! He's so very nice, and let me hug him. The whole cast was so sweet and nice. Video soon. Clay Aiken did not come out the stage door after - apparently, he wasn't feeling too hot. Either that or Natalya's warnings about me worked. D: And I am descending further into the pit of Clay fandom- I just ordered two of his CDs off of Amazon. WHAT?

I'm writing up a full report of the entire venture, but now I am wiped and just want to watch Clay Aiken snark at people.

EDIT: Eralk meets David Hyde Pierce. I shriek like a harpy at the end. I'm so creepy, guys.
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Jason Castro singing in French? Guuuh. Does Texas have any more adorable Colombian-American boys with dreads? I WANT ONE.

Well, I'm off to New York tomorrow. A trip full of excitement, danger, and just a little bit of stalking Clay Aiken. I'm documenting it with my trusty video camera (newly christened "Leora"- family electronics get girl names, mine get boy names), and hopefully will end up with enough to make a decent little documentary.


I'm so excited, guys.
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So I saw Lion King: The Musical.

I loved it.

lots of text about exactly how I loved it )

Oh, by the way, I'm home!
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So, let's see if my copy of Twilight Princess is complete...

1. Link? Check. Looking very luminescent (he almost glows, I swear) and very pretty, but that's the art direction (with not so subtle LoTR design influences! WHOO!). Lefties unite! (I'm almost happier I bought the GCN version, just so I can feel all united in lefthandedness.)

2. Midna? Check. Oh my God, she's awesome. The little fang? The helm? And that yawn she does? Adorable.

3. Ability to grant wishes? Check. Transcontinental jetlag is not going to happen, because my copy WANTS TO BE PLAYED LIKE THERE'S NO TOMORROW (and other stuff... mumble mumble...). Obviously, I will. MUST SAVE VERY PRETTY HYRULE. (So pretty...)


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