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[ profile] ontd_startrek's fundraising for Haiti and [ profile] help_haiti are marvelous examples of how fandom can mobilize for good. I've donated to both the Red Cross and [ profile] ontd_startrek's UNICEF fund, and, if you can, I highly encourage you to do the same- anything you can give can help. Even if you can't, you can offer fanworks for [ profile] help_haiti's auction. The earthquake in Haiti is a massive tragedy, but it warms my heart to see fans mobilizing as quickly as they can to help however they can.

[ profile] kohl_eyed  brought to my attention a wonderful post by [ profile] bookshop about how sick she is of homoerotic subtext because it reminds her that no matter how much they hint, they'll never actually go there. There's more to it than that description; go read it. It's a very good and thought provoking read. It sort of reminds me of how I feel about Sheldon on Big Bang Theory; as an asexual girl, I'm often told that Sheldon is probably the only character on television right now that could represent my asexuality. I don't watch the show myself, but I caught a teaser that showed Sheldon getting intimate with a lovely redhead. (Of course, it looked like it go either way.) My heart sank a little. What if the show presents that as "look! he's interested in this girl! he's normal!"? I realize that this is probably a far cry from more visible alternate sexualities- people know lesbians exist, asexuals... not so much. This is much the same reaction I have when, in a historical novel, if the male protagonist is attracted to another man, that man will reveal himself to have been a woman all along! (I don't mind this from the inside out, though, for some reason.) If the cross-dressed woman is simply a throwaway, it feels like the author chickened out.
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President Obama.

Now that just sounds good.

the dnc

Aug. 27th, 2008 09:34 pm
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You know, I might not be able to handle it if Obama is not elected come November.


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