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As far as being a gamer, I have a few strikes against me- I’m a casual gamer, I’m cheap, and I have a Mac. And yet, I adore MMORPGs. I love creating a character from a few simple parameters and following them through their new and fantastical world. It’s just fun. I need a balance between roleplay, action, and character customization. It also needs to be of a certain caliber- no weird, ancient graphics or anything like that.

A few days of research has scrounged up precious little, but what precious little I have, I share it with you.


Oh, Achaea. One fateful evening, I clicked on a link off of 8 Bit Theater, only to fall into the world of text MUDs. Achaea is the most accessible of the four Iron Realms Entertainment MUDs, and it holds a special place in my nerdy heart- the phrase “Dreams of Divine Lands” is very enticing to any fantasy fan. Achaea is vast, sprawling, and kind to its newbies, although the very upper echelons of combat can be elusive for people who don’t know their programming languages. There’s a healthy virtual market for such scripted combat systems for all the Iron Realms Entertainment games. Due to its textual nature, Achaea can be anything you want it to be. There are fifteen classes and twelve races, and you write your own description. Oh, the convoluted descriptions I’ve run across these past years. Players can also design their own objects and use them in the game. Instead of a subscription, Achaea (and all the Iron Realms Entertainment games) survives by selling credits, which can be exchanged in-game for lessons to learn new skills or for new items. It’s worth mentioning that you can also buy credits in-game, with virtual gold. However, purchasing credits is the only way to make your character permanent. If you don’t log in for a long enough period, your character will be erased. If you're a constant player, you don't mind- if you're like me, you do.The cheapest credit package is ten dollars.

As far as ways to play the game, I personally adore the Iron Realms Entertainment flash client, but there are plenty of Mac clients for MUDs. There’s Atlantis, Mudlet, and a player in Lusternia swears by Rapscallion. I have never tried it.

AdventureQuest Worlds

A cute and very high quality MMORPG you play in your browser, based off of Artix Entertainment’s AdventureQuest, another cute, anime-esque and gentle parody of fantasy games. I’m a bit surprised by AdventureQuest Worlds, I have to say- it’s exactly what I want in an MMORPG, it’s just cartoony and has less character customization than I’d like. There are only four classes- warriors, mages, priests, and rogues, and only one race. I'm very impressed by it- I think it'll soothe my desire for an MMORPG. However, there’s very limited roleplaying opportunities unless you pony up some cash. There is a free option for AdventureQuest Worlds, but there are some areas and other cool stuff that only subscribers can have, for around twenty dollars for a three month subscription. There are different levels of servers, including one for paying customers- there's three that are kiddy friendly, and others with free chat and such. It certainly soothes any World of Warcraft pangs I have.

Minions of Mirth

Minions of Mirth is downloaded and played on your computer. It feels like a late nineties roleplaying game, from the graphics to the sounds, although there’s something wonderful about being able to roam outdoors at night in the game (while being chased by bears). There are quests, of course, although character customization sort of blows. It’s very nice to have a  vast traditional MMORPG on your Mac. It’s not the most accessible- I was very confused when I set up. There’s no tutorial or anything. Although it does have the perk of being a one time only fee, it’ll run you thirty dollars to experience the whole game. For the late nineties retro vibe, I don’t think so.

Sherwood Dungeon

Sherwood Dungeon is the prettiest 3D free MMORPG available for the Mac, in my opinion. While the character customization is weak, I was quite astounded with what a browser game could do. I haven’t played around much, but it’s quite pretty and fun to walk through. I find I have a problem clicking on buttons in-game, but that may just be my setup disagreeing with Sherwood Dungeon. The chat with the other players isn’t particularly illuminating, so this isn’t your fix for roleplaying at all. But it’s good-looking, mostly accessible, and quite free- it supports itself on ads and small payments for mounts and other nonessential perks.


An ambitious crossplatform MMORPG still in the throes of testing- several of its cool races don’t have models, and those that do feel a little off. (Of course, the sexy feline humanoid female model is the best in the game so far.) There are twelve races and a handful of classes. I’ll be honest, I didn’t peek into PlaneShift too heavily. I really don’t like the client on the Mac- it feels cluttered and too small. It’s been in development for six years. Once it’s finished, I think PlaneShift could be amazing, but right now, it’s rough. Still, if it interests you enough, it's there.
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After a little more than a week of waiting, my new Mac laptop is here! Her name is Demora Pasha (Sulu's daughter's name and an affectionate form of Pavel, respectively). I've ruthlessly gutted MacSim, taking out my iTunes library, my journal files, and attempting to remove my e-mail account.

I've been tweaking Demora to my liking- I can do some more stuff with an Intel Mac that I couldn't do with MacSim, who was a PowerPC. However, MacSim took her revenge on me for ruthlessly gutting her- she took my eralkfang AIM account with her. See, I made that account nine years ago, when I was but a wee child. I don't remember the password. My Adium remembered it, but I deleted it before I got the password. Classy, self. It's also saved on my Dad's ancient PC laptop. I did battle with it for an hour, but it was fruitless. Sigh.

Heads Up

Apr. 18th, 2009 05:04 pm
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To celebrate the billionth app downloaded on iTunes, Apple is offering up a contest with one ridiculously awesome prize package- a MacBook Pro, an iPod touch, Time Capsule (which is just a hard drive that backs up your drive automatically, if you don't know), and a $10,000 iTunes gift card. It would probably take years to spend all of that! The contest is open to anyone over thirteen in the United States and other places (New Zealand is also on the list, [ profile] temperamental).

If you have iTunes, just go download a free app- that automatically enters you, and gets iTunes closer to the billionth app mark. If you don't have iTunes, you can enter for free here. Supposedly, you can enter repeatedly, but I've just done the once.

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MacSim is all tidied up for the summer now. Because I must do at least one thing MacWorld tells me to do a month, I fixed up my Mail program so it autosorts my mail into the correct folders, so all my Playbill and Amazon stuff goes in one folder and my Facebook and LJ notifications in another, so my inbox is just mail from people I know. I also moved everything off my desktop, and am starting to actually use My Documents. After years. :B

Now, if I could only clean up Rhys Meyers... hmm...
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So, it turns out that we do not have Apple Care for Way.

Also, when Apple "repairs" your iPod, they don't actually repair it- they replace it. They actually keep a stash of older iPods in the back for this purpose, so if you break your first generation iPod nano, you'll get another iPod nano if you do this instead of buying a new one. If I had Apple Care, they'd do the same, just for free- we ended up paying about $130 for the replacement, which is still much cheaper than our point of no return plan, which was buy an iPod classic and cannibalize Way for the discount, which would still be about $220, give or take.

Way has gone the way of Wainwright, and my "new" iPod video has been named Menken, because apparently iPods whose names start with W have terrible survival rates.

I had a crap day and now I am going to watch comedy and eat Thai food. And I just got one of my Clay Aiken CDs. :D :D :D
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Way, my beloved Video iPod, has gotten himself a broken leg. As in, his headphone jack is broken. Luckily, it was a gift from my dad and he was smart enough to get an extended warranty, after what happened to Wainwright, my beloved iPod mini.

He was blue, and one day, as I danced like a fool around the kitchen, my headphones got caught on a drawer knob, and down he went, clattering to the floor. He'd gotten up from such beatings before, BUT ALAS, THIS WAS THE LAST ONE. I picked him up and he flashed this picture of a manilla folder at me, and I went to check the Apple store to see what that means. It's something wrong with your iPod you can recover from. I said, "Oh, good, he's not broken beyond repair!", and then I turned him on again, and he was flashing the sad faced iPod picture at me. As you can imagine, that means "DEAD MEN TELL NO TALES". In iPod.

And then I turned him into Apple so they could gut him for his parts, all for 10% off Way. IT'S A VICIOUS CYCLE OF APPLE PRODUCTS, PEOPLE.

In any case, it's not that bad with Way, and I just have to part with him while they fix him up. Which is great, because the iPod classics have split screens that I do not like.

And today I made myself a pair of pajama pants. And got my Tetra ears in the mail. :D
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Eh. With the cookie dough, if we get 40% returns, I can pay off my most expensive ticket and something else, but if we get 50% returns, I can pay off Curtains and Spamalot! Eee. We'll see tomorrow.

I found this Mac program I've always meant to use, called Journler, and it's fantastic- essentially, it organizes your writing, the inspirations, all of it. I'm loving it. AND as I was writing this I found this sweet function that lets you search a list of all the words in all of your entries- minus the filler words like the, a, and the like. It's got a few more updates until it becomes shareware, not freeware, and I have to pay for it- but I think I will in the future.


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