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Yesterday, I had a wonderful time at the Georgia Renaissance Festival. It was the last day, so there were some nice sales, and we had along two RenFest virgins with us who thoroughly enjoyed themselves. I got called a gelfling twice, by the gentleman from Aradani Studios and by Ded Bob, so I think I need to watch The Dark Crystal soon. The Tortuga Twins were awesome, as per usual, although I got shut down by Raphael since I was the only person in the audience that screamed "KISS HIM" at the appropriate point. (Scaramouche, God love him, licked Raphael's face in exchange for the two dollars we could scrounge up, which I had to or got to stick in his tights, depending on your point of view. I was a bit confused as to where I needed to put them.) I'm steadily rounding out my collection of their DVDs.

Once I got home, I decided to plug in Rhys Meyers, my external hard drive, and finally send some pic spams to people who have been asking for them. But Rhys Meyers made a terrible, terrible noise and Demora Pasha, my laptop, now fails to recognize him at all.

Since Rhys Meyers is so old, the warranty is long void, so I opened him up to see if the enclosure was the problem. I went through it with some compressed air and ended up slicing my thumb on some part of his innards, so that sucked. But after working on him yesterday and this morning, I have determined that the problem is in the hard drive itself- I plugged it in independently of the enclosure and it made the same skipping noise and gave up. I'm going to take it to Best Buy and see what I can do.

The thing is, there's nothing on Rhys Meyers that is worth the $250 I'd have to pay for data recovery. It's just photos, fanworks, gifs, art, various sources of lulz, and video that I've collected since I was in seventh grade. I have pictures of Orlando Bloom from way back when, when everyone was swooning over Legolas. Obviously, a lot of the stuff on there has sentimental value to me, and I don't want to lose it. But I can't think of a way to justify spending that much on it. Hopefully, I can find someone who can retrieve the data for a much more reasonable price if it's very serious. It's just so frustrating.
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(I may have just turned down the volume on my computer in an attempt to turn the volume down on my television. GO TO SLEEP, ME.)

I finally got a chance to go to the Georgia Renaissance Festival today, with [ profile] ink_slinger22 and some of her peripheral fellows. (Attending a women's college makes you think of dudes as specifically connected to their female friends and girlfriends.) While it was threatening to storm, the weather actually held nicely. We actually saw a lot of shows this time around- Aerial Acrobatics and All The King's Horses as well as our usual Ded Bob and Tortuga Twins (the R-rated show, of course). Ded Bob had a fair amount of new material, as well as being derailed by the audience, and we totally derailed the Tortuga Twins show, as well as getting them to kiss. (It's not RenFest season until you do that, folks.) It was hilarious. I didn't actually pick up any new garb or jewelry- I bought a Tortuga Twins DVD and a fan membership. :B 

I may be traveling soon- my parents, who pretend to not be spontaneous, are thinking of going to New England on Tuesday or Wednesday, and I still haven't convinced them to let me stay, look after the house and the dog, and look for work. I've applied to Target, Rita's, and a local card store, and I'm just waiting to hear back. I just want to work over the summer or, failing that, focus on things I've neglected during school- my French, my piano, etc. It's just... ugh. 
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Finals really just wiped me out. As I've promised before, regular fannish activity should resume shortly, especially in light of the Doctor Who specials airing in short succession on BBCAmerica.

I'm home, with things that smell lovely from Lush, and Christmas gifts. I look forward to having nice hair, fixing my favorite military coat, and watching The Princess and the Frog tomorrow with a friend.

I saw Neil Gaiman in Decatur last night, where he signed my copy of Anansi Boys. It was amazing.
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There is somebody in my hometown donating all their 90s pop to thrift stores, and I love them. I have a Backstreet Boys CD now. It is seriously catchy. <3 I'm chilling at home until Sunday, being silly and catching up on stuff.

Okay, easy fannish costume idea- Handler and Doll. Obviously, you need the pair for it to work, but I think it's nice and easy and comfy.
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There's lots of cool fandom stuff going down at my campus this weekend. There's a Firefly all-night marathon tomorrow night, and then Star Trek on a giant screen in the Quad. Except my brother is getting married this weekend, so, you know, I'm obviously going to do that. I'm quite happy for the wedding, of course, but that was just sad to find out.

In other news, I've caught up with How I Met Your Mother, and am appropriately in love with Barney/Robin.

Also: hey, who wants to watch Neil Patrick Harris be a singing supervillain other than Dr. Horrible? Here's the first half of an episode of Batman: The Brave and the Bold featuring the Music Meister, a singing supervillain voiced by Neil Patrick Harris.

Why yes, that would be a ring of hypnotized supers threatening Batman just like the Jets. Also, the Music Meister? Former band geek.

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Okay. After some thinking, I've decided to put all my literary related stuff on a different blog, so that I may be able to direct friends, family, and other sundry RL folk I encounter there.

If you'd like the link, just ask! I won't link directly here, but I'll be happy to pass it along.


Jul. 15th, 2009 07:46 pm
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I love a clean desk. I actually have plenty of room on my desk, when it isn't covered in wrappers, notes, magazines, books, and DVDs. All my rescue books fit in their tub, instead of taking up the space of my books.

I'm dragging my feet about starting Atonement. I'm looking forward to it, certainly, but The Historian just left an awful taste in my mouth. 

I stopped by the local thrift store today for a few minutes, and I came across a skirt I could use for my Dr. Quinzel costume! I was so happy. I tried on everything I have so far (I'm only missing the tie and the shoes), and I'm quite pleased with the result. The tie should be easy to find; it's only the shoes that are a bit difficult, but with the skirt found, I have a bit more money than expected to buy the shoes with.

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Ugh, allergies. I love spring, but man, I hate my allergies, which randomly spawned last spring, despite my never having had allergies before- not for the first five years I lived here, or even when I lived in California. My generic allergy meds dry me up, but then my sinuses and throat are irritated. I also hate waking up during allergy season, because I just feel like crap. I'm about to do my yoga, actually, because I couldn't do it right after I woke up.

In other news, I'm excited for the release of Gotham City Sirens come June, because it's going to be awesome and I'm going to have to venture to an actual comic book store. Our local one closed a while ago- I remember attending a "Japanese Day" there just as manga was getting really, really huge Stateside. I ate all their pocky and picked up some Justice League Europe for my brother. I think I'll try the one in Newnan.

I mean, look at Poison Ivy, Harley Quinn, and Catwoman. I am irrationally happy that Harley's harlequin... horns? actually look like she has her pigtails stuffed in them. You can see it a little better here, but then you can also see that March has a thing for boobs. Which, I mean, makes sense for Ivy and Harley, to a degree- Ivy's supposed to be all Earth Mother/goddessy, while Harley's a little shorter and curvier (it's more in the hips, but whatever), but I always thought of Catwoman as petite, for some reason. Huh. Also, I am happy Harley's collar doesn't look silly, because sometimes it was just bad in Harley Quinn.


Dec. 14th, 2008 07:31 pm
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I really, really want to watch Ewan McGregor being ridiculously cute in a Southern accent, but my copy of Big Fish is still in its packaging, and I just did my lucky nails last night. SO TORN.


Sep. 1st, 2008 06:51 pm
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So I think I was coming down with something prior to Dragon*Con, but Saturday just accelerated it. I woke up yesterday with a cold and half a voice, and today I woke up with no voice. Ouch.


Jul. 20th, 2008 09:57 pm
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Isn't the post after a serious one always awkward?

As you may have noticed, I have deleted all entries prior to August of 2005- bar fanfiction, of course, and milestones (like my first RenFest!). I have nerd street cred to uphold, people.

This is because I was still having my "insane" period in eighth grade- that patch where I still thought I was heterosexual and couldn't empathy with anyone or anything. I also made this journal that year.

Good Lord, I feel established or something.

But when I turn eighteen, I'm going to start journaling every evening (in actual journals and everything!), but I'd still like a little reminder of me in my high school years. I would not like a reminder of me prior to that.

Moving on, I saw Mamma Mia! today.

 It was a big, silly and glittery movie musical and I loved every minute of it.




Jun. 22nd, 2008 02:43 pm
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can wordles be touching? )
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Seven bucks a CD, even with shipping. Cheaper than iTunes.

Oh, used product sellers on Amazon, never leave me.

Oh, yeah, I'm back.
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MacSim is all tidied up for the summer now. Because I must do at least one thing MacWorld tells me to do a month, I fixed up my Mail program so it autosorts my mail into the correct folders, so all my Playbill and Amazon stuff goes in one folder and my Facebook and LJ notifications in another, so my inbox is just mail from people I know. I also moved everything off my desktop, and am starting to actually use My Documents. After years. :B

Now, if I could only clean up Rhys Meyers... hmm...
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jesus it is LATE. I need to go to bed.

I have finished the preliminary editing of my New York City documentary, and it runs about 43 minutes... I imagine once I get everyone's videos and photos it'll be about an hour, which is good. I just have to pick a song for the travel montage that will sound happy and not out of place when it segues into The Decemberists "Yankee Bayonet (I Will Be Home Then)" for the 9/11 site footage.

My birthday will be celebrated on Friday, but it is on Wednesday. I learned today that if I skip breakfast, I will be nauseous for the rest of the day. GOOD TO KNOW.
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So, it turns out that we do not have Apple Care for Way.

Also, when Apple "repairs" your iPod, they don't actually repair it- they replace it. They actually keep a stash of older iPods in the back for this purpose, so if you break your first generation iPod nano, you'll get another iPod nano if you do this instead of buying a new one. If I had Apple Care, they'd do the same, just for free- we ended up paying about $130 for the replacement, which is still much cheaper than our point of no return plan, which was buy an iPod classic and cannibalize Way for the discount, which would still be about $220, give or take.

Way has gone the way of Wainwright, and my "new" iPod video has been named Menken, because apparently iPods whose names start with W have terrible survival rates.

I had a crap day and now I am going to watch comedy and eat Thai food. And I just got one of my Clay Aiken CDs. :D :D :D
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Trip write up isn't done yet. My descent into Clay Aiken related madness has decided to take precedence.

I was reading about this new web browser in Mac World over the trip, and have decided to give it a whirl. Whatever addicts you to the Internet, it will enable you like no other- it's not only a web browser (it was built on FireFox, so it's not so scary), but also manages to weave in various media stuffs, like your YouTube, Photobucket,, and it has an RSS feed I am not afraid to use. It also, happily, has a Windows version! Here it is. I'm addicted.
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Way, my beloved Video iPod, has gotten himself a broken leg. As in, his headphone jack is broken. Luckily, it was a gift from my dad and he was smart enough to get an extended warranty, after what happened to Wainwright, my beloved iPod mini.

He was blue, and one day, as I danced like a fool around the kitchen, my headphones got caught on a drawer knob, and down he went, clattering to the floor. He'd gotten up from such beatings before, BUT ALAS, THIS WAS THE LAST ONE. I picked him up and he flashed this picture of a manilla folder at me, and I went to check the Apple store to see what that means. It's something wrong with your iPod you can recover from. I said, "Oh, good, he's not broken beyond repair!", and then I turned him on again, and he was flashing the sad faced iPod picture at me. As you can imagine, that means "DEAD MEN TELL NO TALES". In iPod.

And then I turned him into Apple so they could gut him for his parts, all for 10% off Way. IT'S A VICIOUS CYCLE OF APPLE PRODUCTS, PEOPLE.

In any case, it's not that bad with Way, and I just have to part with him while they fix him up. Which is great, because the iPod classics have split screens that I do not like.

And today I made myself a pair of pajama pants. And got my Tetra ears in the mail. :D
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I tried to go to the bank today to deposit all my monies, but the bank hates students and closes at 4:30. D:

I just spent about 39 dollars on the stuff I did have to order- the ears, the dagger, and the spirit gum. I also bought some spirit gum remover for me and the ears, and the shipping on the dagger was not so fun. My Bellatrix wig didn't have that kind of shipping! Bleh.

I am now going to actively troll for the stuff I can buy locally. The problem I do see with a lot of Tetra costumes are the proportions because of the Wind Waker/Phantom Hourglass art style. Tetra wears capris, not shorts or full length pants- in the Phantom Hourglass art, she's bending a knee, and the pants end between her knee and her calf. There's also the problem that because of the art style, nothing is really textured, so people keep using "eh" fabrics for her clothes. I'm going to get out of most of that because I'm using actual clothes, and I need to get a good textured fabric for her scarf and sash.

I need a haircut. I'm all raggedy.
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Eh. With the cookie dough, if we get 40% returns, I can pay off my most expensive ticket and something else, but if we get 50% returns, I can pay off Curtains and Spamalot! Eee. We'll see tomorrow.

I found this Mac program I've always meant to use, called Journler, and it's fantastic- essentially, it organizes your writing, the inspirations, all of it. I'm loving it. AND as I was writing this I found this sweet function that lets you search a list of all the words in all of your entries- minus the filler words like the, a, and the like. It's got a few more updates until it becomes shareware, not freeware, and I have to pay for it- but I think I will in the future.


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