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Jun. 4th, 2010 11:36 pm
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I played Dungeons and Dragons for the very first time today. Our Dungeon Master was quite lenient, because I don't think players are supposed to kidnap NPCs, make fabulous accessories out of corpses, or lose their genitalia by failing a throw. It was quite interesting and educational, and I think we're going to make it a weekly thing, which would be fun.

I'm going to Renaissance Festival for the last time this season on Sunday, since it's the last day, so hopefully there will lots of things on sale and the Tortuga Twins show will be extra awesome. <3

I actually finished a costume by wandering into a thrift store, which I love. Streetwear!Harley is done, although I can definitely improve on the jacket. But the gloves are so perfect- red and black with hearts for the cut-out on the back of the hand. I tried to get some pictures, but the full body shots are failing, so I can't get in all the red and black I want to. (One red glove, one black glove, one red Converse, one black Converse.) I've also made significant progress on my Team Fortress 2 Spy costume, otherwise known as the only thing Debate has done for me lately. I need gloves and the ski mask, as well as a tie. I might think about reworking my Dr. Quinn costume to also work as a Medic costume, but that's very, very far off.

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A lot of new information concerning The Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks is being released or leaking right around now. I've gone back into the Zelda fandom for my usual joys of arguing timelines and stitching the games together. My forgotten fan project of making a handful of articles about the influences on the various races of Zelda may come to light again. Zelda fans are fervently hoping that Spirit Tracks will turn out like Majora's Mask.

But I've been surprised by exactly how this new Zelda, and how the game treats one of my favorite Zeldas, Tetra, are affecting me. General spoilers abound for Spirit Tracks below the cut. Oh, and my massive geekery.

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As far as being a gamer, I have a few strikes against me- I’m a casual gamer, I’m cheap, and I have a Mac. And yet, I adore MMORPGs. I love creating a character from a few simple parameters and following them through their new and fantastical world. It’s just fun. I need a balance between roleplay, action, and character customization. It also needs to be of a certain caliber- no weird, ancient graphics or anything like that.

A few days of research has scrounged up precious little, but what precious little I have, I share it with you.


Oh, Achaea. One fateful evening, I clicked on a link off of 8 Bit Theater, only to fall into the world of text MUDs. Achaea is the most accessible of the four Iron Realms Entertainment MUDs, and it holds a special place in my nerdy heart- the phrase “Dreams of Divine Lands” is very enticing to any fantasy fan. Achaea is vast, sprawling, and kind to its newbies, although the very upper echelons of combat can be elusive for people who don’t know their programming languages. There’s a healthy virtual market for such scripted combat systems for all the Iron Realms Entertainment games. Due to its textual nature, Achaea can be anything you want it to be. There are fifteen classes and twelve races, and you write your own description. Oh, the convoluted descriptions I’ve run across these past years. Players can also design their own objects and use them in the game. Instead of a subscription, Achaea (and all the Iron Realms Entertainment games) survives by selling credits, which can be exchanged in-game for lessons to learn new skills or for new items. It’s worth mentioning that you can also buy credits in-game, with virtual gold. However, purchasing credits is the only way to make your character permanent. If you don’t log in for a long enough period, your character will be erased. If you're a constant player, you don't mind- if you're like me, you do.The cheapest credit package is ten dollars.

As far as ways to play the game, I personally adore the Iron Realms Entertainment flash client, but there are plenty of Mac clients for MUDs. There’s Atlantis, Mudlet, and a player in Lusternia swears by Rapscallion. I have never tried it.

AdventureQuest Worlds

A cute and very high quality MMORPG you play in your browser, based off of Artix Entertainment’s AdventureQuest, another cute, anime-esque and gentle parody of fantasy games. I’m a bit surprised by AdventureQuest Worlds, I have to say- it’s exactly what I want in an MMORPG, it’s just cartoony and has less character customization than I’d like. There are only four classes- warriors, mages, priests, and rogues, and only one race. I'm very impressed by it- I think it'll soothe my desire for an MMORPG. However, there’s very limited roleplaying opportunities unless you pony up some cash. There is a free option for AdventureQuest Worlds, but there are some areas and other cool stuff that only subscribers can have, for around twenty dollars for a three month subscription. There are different levels of servers, including one for paying customers- there's three that are kiddy friendly, and others with free chat and such. It certainly soothes any World of Warcraft pangs I have.

Minions of Mirth

Minions of Mirth is downloaded and played on your computer. It feels like a late nineties roleplaying game, from the graphics to the sounds, although there’s something wonderful about being able to roam outdoors at night in the game (while being chased by bears). There are quests, of course, although character customization sort of blows. It’s very nice to have a  vast traditional MMORPG on your Mac. It’s not the most accessible- I was very confused when I set up. There’s no tutorial or anything. Although it does have the perk of being a one time only fee, it’ll run you thirty dollars to experience the whole game. For the late nineties retro vibe, I don’t think so.

Sherwood Dungeon

Sherwood Dungeon is the prettiest 3D free MMORPG available for the Mac, in my opinion. While the character customization is weak, I was quite astounded with what a browser game could do. I haven’t played around much, but it’s quite pretty and fun to walk through. I find I have a problem clicking on buttons in-game, but that may just be my setup disagreeing with Sherwood Dungeon. The chat with the other players isn’t particularly illuminating, so this isn’t your fix for roleplaying at all. But it’s good-looking, mostly accessible, and quite free- it supports itself on ads and small payments for mounts and other nonessential perks.


An ambitious crossplatform MMORPG still in the throes of testing- several of its cool races don’t have models, and those that do feel a little off. (Of course, the sexy feline humanoid female model is the best in the game so far.) There are twelve races and a handful of classes. I’ll be honest, I didn’t peek into PlaneShift too heavily. I really don’t like the client on the Mac- it feels cluttered and too small. It’s been in development for six years. Once it’s finished, I think PlaneShift could be amazing, but right now, it’s rough. Still, if it interests you enough, it's there.
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So I play Lusternia, as you may know, as Sister Lanath, a perky six-foot-tall demoness priestess who lives in Magnagora, which is a city full of the undead and the elegant gothic kids. This weekend, we had Bloodfaire, which was three days of fun events in the game, which culminated in a grand Masquerade Ball. I agreed to help the costume contest, but the dancing contest needed help, so I grabbed Ixion, who is a dwarf, and lo, we tangoed- and keep in mind this is a text MUD, so it's just me and him typing out this elaborate tango sequence between a bearded dwarf and a six foot tall burgundy demoness. Completely improvised, and hysterical.

We won second place.



The Sims 3

Apr. 5th, 2008 04:14 pm
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The Sims 3?

I don't think I'll get it. So far, it just looks like two things improved upon The Sims 2- your Sims can be controllable in even more places outside their houses, and even more freakishly customizable. And the Sims look like they've lost their... Simness. I know it's fairly early in development, but they look more like Poser characters than Sims- more realism than the cartoon realism that's been the game's style since the Sims 1.

To illustrate my point...

This is a Poser painting.

This is a Sims 3 Sim.

This is a screenshot from The Sims 2.

You see what I mean? I vastly prefer the cartoony realism, because there, you can still have serious things, like break-ups and divorces, and wacky things, like alien babies and robots. Plus, the reason I prefer The Sims over The Sims 2 is the life cycle and the generations... and you can't improve much on it.

And Will Wright, the series creator, isn't involved with The Sims 3. Huh.
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I tried to go to the bank today to deposit all my monies, but the bank hates students and closes at 4:30. D:

I just spent about 39 dollars on the stuff I did have to order- the ears, the dagger, and the spirit gum. I also bought some spirit gum remover for me and the ears, and the shipping on the dagger was not so fun. My Bellatrix wig didn't have that kind of shipping! Bleh.

I am now going to actively troll for the stuff I can buy locally. The problem I do see with a lot of Tetra costumes are the proportions because of the Wind Waker/Phantom Hourglass art style. Tetra wears capris, not shorts or full length pants- in the Phantom Hourglass art, she's bending a knee, and the pants end between her knee and her calf. There's also the problem that because of the art style, nothing is really textured, so people keep using "eh" fabrics for her clothes. I'm going to get out of most of that because I'm using actual clothes, and I need to get a good textured fabric for her scarf and sash.

I need a haircut. I'm all raggedy.
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spoilers for SSBB )

nerd joy

Jan. 18th, 2008 07:45 am
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Sheik was confirmed for Brawl. I will forever argue that this design is really just Ninja!Zelda, not a separate identity, but whatever gets me my ninja.

Holy crap, Earth Eternal screenshots! The terrain is not so hot, but the lead designer assures us that the terrain will be fixed by release. Earth Eternal is from Iron Realms Entertainment (well, Sparkplay Media, now), the people who make Lusternia, the text MMORPG I play. It's a 3D MMORPG that is, essentially, World of Warcraft-lite. In the game, Man has come and gone, and animals have risen up in his place against the vampires, the main enemy of the game. It's free to play- the game makes its money off selling game items for real money, which is completely optional. I love IRE- I've been playing their text MUDs off and on since about four years ago (starting with Achaea and working to Lusternia), and I'm psyched about this project. I'm thinking a chubby, white rabbit warrior named March will be fun to play.
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Lusternia had a Hamster Hunt, and Lanath was second place!

3324h, 3513m, 2946e, 10p ex-
There is no event currently running, however the results for the previous Chaos Hamsterhunt are:

Org Total Score
... Calculating scores ...

Player Score
Visaeris 177
Lanath 41
Thalos 34
Seretenin 30
Daedalion 30
Lyala 25
Telperion 21
Xiel 18
Auer 18
Ashteru 17
Type MORE to continue reading. (33% shown) the sudden death round that doesn't count for second to fifth place, but STILL. I feel a whole lot better about myself!

It was fun, scurrying around the whole country and catching hamsters. Lanath got brutally murdered with 8 minutes left on the clock for the actual hunt itself, which, while it sucked (even though I didn't have a chance of winning), will make great RP fodder for Lanath. ("You killed me... for hamsters? AND YOU DID IT WITH STYLE? HOW DARE YOU ONLY EVIL CAN BE STYLISH MADAME") I would have liked to win some credits, but hey! That's what the art contest is for. They just take longer.
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Actually, it's a journal.

[ profile] asmaxisintended. I post whatever custom content I make on there. Yep yep yep.

I have gotten sucked back into the addictive domestic drama of the Sims 2. Oh boy.
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So, let's see if my copy of Twilight Princess is complete...

1. Link? Check. Looking very luminescent (he almost glows, I swear) and very pretty, but that's the art direction (with not so subtle LoTR design influences! WHOO!). Lefties unite! (I'm almost happier I bought the GCN version, just so I can feel all united in lefthandedness.)

2. Midna? Check. Oh my God, she's awesome. The little fang? The helm? And that yawn she does? Adorable.

3. Ability to grant wishes? Check. Transcontinental jetlag is not going to happen, because my copy WANTS TO BE PLAYED LIKE THERE'S NO TOMORROW (and other stuff... mumble mumble...). Obviously, I will. MUST SAVE VERY PRETTY HYRULE. (So pretty...)


Jul. 31st, 2006 06:25 pm
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Hearing that [E3] cancelled, or at any rate will be altered in "format and scale" (read: cancelled) is like hearing that Australia has been cancelled, or that the weak gravitational force is being temporarily suspended.
-Tycho, Penny Arcade

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I am sick, therefore, I icon. Most of these have been sitting on my hard drive for a while.

legend of zelda // ganondorf : 1
legend of zelda // princess zelda : 1
legend of zelda // nayru : 1
fire emblem 9 // tiamat : 3
yu-gi-oh! // mai : 1
yu-gi-oh! // malik & rishid : 1
yu-gi-oh! // ryou : 1
yu-gi-oh! // yami no yuugi : 1
harry potter // rita skeeter : 1
real people // natalie portman : 1
real people // gerard way : 1

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ARGH. My computer's being an ass and not letting me access DeviantArt. Thus, I post fanfiction.

Title: Affinity
Author: Eralk Fang []
Fandom: Fire Emblem 7 [not roy and the magic headbands]
Rating: PG for Sain being Sain.
Summary: Sain explains his "curse" to Lucius. Vaguely slashy.
Notes: based entirely around the line "Hey, baby, what's your affinity?". Against my best wishes, I have started liking Sain. dammit.

Hello, lovely one! May I ask what your affinity is? )


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