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This week’s notes include Two Steps from Hell, Pretty in Pink, and Doctor Who.


Project Progress
Bond Movies: 37.5% (9/24)
Star Trek Televisual Canon: 12% (2/17)
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An absolutely haunting Elven hymn from The Fellowship of the Ring: The Complete Recordings. Gives me chills. 
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Festivids is live! Of particular note is the sweet "Endless Summer", a vid about the behind the scenes of The Lord of the Rings. It focuses on the crew rather than the cast (delightfully), and the opening made me snuffle tears of nostalgia. It loses steam towards the end, but darling, can't you smell the sun?
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Title: Vacation
Source: The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey (2012)
Music: "Vacation", the Go-Go's
Summary: When you looked at me, I should have run. A crack vidlet to celebrate the first trailer.
Watch: At my YouTube channel.
Download: MediaFire. (Recommended over YouTube.)

notes + lyrics )

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I wanted to do a post about the various different dwarves (and how Fili is the hot dwarf, not Kili—GROW A BEARD YOU BUM), but then this happened and the shaking and crying started, SO.

I might come back to do an embed, but have a link for now.

  • Jackson wandering around being a film nerd was cute, but the reveal of Christopher Lee made it awesome.
  • Nori's hair is explained! I rather got the notion that it was shaved into shape, but if it's just well-teased braids, that makes more sense. Good old Starfish.
  • All the footage of the dwarves is amazing, especially dinner in Bag End. They look rowdy, filthy, and like terrible house guests. Ian McKellan delicately saying that he wouldn't have them all over at once was hilarious.
  • Cate Blanchett! My God, she looks gorgeous, as always, and the costume is beautiful. I've been mourning the loss of Dickson (yeah, fine, go work on Green Lantern, break my heart, why don't you) but the new girl seems to be picking up the thread and adding a few twists of her own.
  • I love how they're ribbing Turner for not having a beard (I guess the canon explanation will be that he's too young), but the more I see of Fili, the more I think, "that's what a wildly attractive young dwarf should look like". I hope the ribbing of Kili makes it into the film.
  • Watching Hugo Weaving cutting up while in costume as Elrond is like discovering your schoolteachers have lives outside of school, I have to be honest! Though, of course, I'm glad he's having fun.
  • Seeing all the dwarves together was lovely, but seeing them with their scale doubles was even better.
  • Songs! We'll be having more songs! I'm pleased by this.
I basically shrieked and giggled through this entire video. So much, so soon! We're so spoiled.


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