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A double header, due to spotty Internet access.


The Thick of It, Malcolm/Jamie, “it ends where it begins” by postcardmystery

Love a good time spanning fic, as well as any The Thick of It fic that manages to accurately capture a part of the show’s tone and the characters’ voices. It’s quite hard to do, but the fandom is so dedicated that it’s admirable. This threatens to be part of a series, but it works well just as it is, tracing Malcolm and Jamie’s relationship from its beginnings to Jamie’s last appearance on the show.


Frank (2014)

This should come with a trigger warning about your impostor syndrome, seeing how it’s about a man who loves music so much but can’t be a part of it because he DESTROYS IT. (Or tries.) Melancholy, darkly funny, and slightly hopeful.

Lucy (2014)

Bonkers and racist. But ScarJo is fantastic.

Funny Face (1957)

Despite the deeply creepy age difference, a delight. And Kay Thompson is a goddess.


The 66th Primetime Emmys


Star Trek: The Next Generation, “Remember Me”

Sometimes I feel bad that Beverly’s son is Wesley.

Star Trek: The Next Generation, “Legacy”

The wonderful thing about Data is how inhuman he is. I like the darker flashes—like Data being capable of murder—but this one, where he’s attempting to process human friendship through his unique perspective, works. And I really love how Tasha has a presence in the series after her death and isn’t just thrown away.

Doctor Who, “Into the Dalek”

Any episode of Doctor Who that focuses on how fucked up the Doctor actually is is good in my book. Plus, Clara starting to be a real person! With a love interest and a ready fist!

Project Progress:

Saturday Night Live: 15.3% (5/39)
Star Trek Televisual Canon: 32.5% (13/40)

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The Muppets Most Wanted

Less satisfying than The Muppets; does not feel theater-sized.


Doctor Who, “Deep Breath”

Capaldi is, as expected, goddamn magic on the mike, bringing decades of fandom and talent to Twelve, who is, by turns, vulnerable, sweet, cruel, and alien. The script, less so, but it’s a miracle what not having a massive arc can do for an episode: it’s self-contained and thoughtful. The comedy plays beautifully, from the slapstick of the Paternoster Gang (an interspecies queer married couple and their genderblind butler) to Twelve discovering his Scottishness in an alley. (“I’m Scottish!” he declares, before immediately menacing a tramp for his coat.)

Lady problems abound, however: Clara spends much the episode fighting with Vastra about Clara’s struggle over the regeneration. The premise works—Clara is frightened by the fact that her friend has just regenerated into a strange old man—but, of course, it’s framed as Clara being so shallow that she feels weird about not being attracted to the Doctor anymore? Or is she? It’s not very clear. (Also, Capaldi’s ANIMAL MAGNETISM makes this not an issue. EVERYONE IS INTO HIM, CALM DOWN, CLARA.) And then the ending, after Clara and the Doctor appear to have decided to forget about Eleven and Clara flirting completely, featuring a sexy feisty evil lady in love with the Doctor? GO AWAY, MOFFAT.

I’m looking forward to the rest of the series, but Moffat must be stopped.

The Ventures Bros, Season One

Watched on a spectacular Netflix binge after being warned the pilot was rough. But it’s not? It’s incredibly specific in its satire but broad-ranging in its subjects, mostly just landing in the sixties and seventies. Gutbustingly and darkly hilarious.

Star Trek: The Next Generation, “Family”

SPACE FRANCE! And Worf’s parents are adorable.

Star Trek: The Next Generation, “Brothers”

Oh, hey, Lore.

Star Trek: The Next Generation, “Suddenly Human”

Solid exploration of an interesting topic.

Project Progress:
Saturday Night Live: 15.3% (5/39)
Star Trek Televisual Canon: 32.5% (13/40)

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This week’s notes include Saturday Night Live, I’ll Be Home for Christmas, and Doctor Who.


Project Progress

Saturday Night Live: 13.1% (5/38)
Star Trek Televisual Canon: 30% (12/40)

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This week’s notes include Doctor Who, Sleepy Hollow, and Saturday Night Live.


Project Progress

Saturday Night Live: 13.1% (5/38)
Star Trek Televisual Canon: 27.5% (11/40)

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This week’s notes include Once Upon a Time, Star Trek Into Darkness, and Saturday Night Live.


Project Progress
Bond Movies: 62.5% (15/24)
Star Trek Televisual Canon: 17.6% (3/17)
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This week’s notes include Once Upon a Time, Doctor Who, and Mazes and Monsters.


Project Progress
Bond Movies: 54% (13/24)
Star Trek Televisual Canon: 12% (2/17)
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This week’s notes include Community, James Bond, and Doctor Who.


Project Progress
Bond Movies: 50% (12/24)

Star Trek Televisual Canon: 12% (2/17)
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This week’s notes include Two Steps from Hell, Pretty in Pink, and Doctor Who.


Project Progress
Bond Movies: 37.5% (9/24)
Star Trek Televisual Canon: 12% (2/17)
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This week’s notes include Once Upon a Time, Two Steps from Hell, and Doctor Who.


Project Progress
Bond Movies: 37.5% (9/24)
Star Trek Televisual Canon: 12% (2/17)
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Moffat, you magnificent bastard. I couldn't wait until this episode, and it was even better than I expected.
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In conclusion, "Let's Kill Hitler" cannot be anything but awesome. Especially with that title.
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…haven't done this in a while, have I? Yeah, it's technically this month's rec post (I'll try and, uh, actually keep this up from now on), but I've covered a lot of ground since last time.


Doctor Who, "Moving Right Along" by [ profile] odessie

A ridiculously precious mix of the Muppets and the Doctor; friendship, adventure, and misdirection, but he always ends up where he's needed eventually.

The Lord of the Rings, "Siúil A Rún" by Arendil

This vid is seriously beautiful (and I'm not just saying that because Liv Tyler is gorgeous). The song selection is, well, amazing and completely appropriate–I mean, "until my parents will wish me dead"? It's also a thoughtful contemplation of the films' treatment of Aragorn and Arwen's love. 

Multifandom, "A Vindication of the Rights of Woman" by [ profile] damned_colonial 

Women—kicking ass and taking names since 1792. Not only is this one of those multifandom vids that makes you cheer when you see you and yours represented, but it's also structured brilliantly and, of course, tons of fun while making a rebellious point. I think my favorite section is… well, I have lot of favorites, from "I don't care if you think I'm strange" over Orlando and the brief glimpses of older (and often larger) women treated as jokes in the original source material celebrated here as the natural continuation of being awesome. And there's plenty of Elizabeth Swann, and I love that Pirate King.

The Road to El Dorado, "Ménage á Trois" by GardenAnt

…you mean that's not what this movie is about? A cute, sexy tribute to the greatest OT3 of all time—Tulio, Miguel, and Chel. It's a shame about the video quality.

Sherlock, "Hysteria" by [ profile] cantseethesky 

This is one of the hottest vids I have ever seen, as well as one that really points out what slash fans are so entranced by—the distance between two characters that could be breached so very, very easily (although the repercussions may be anything but). It's almost jarring when the kiss (from another source, obviously) comes in, but in the best way. And it's a great song, too.


The Chronicles of Narnia, "The Queen's Return" by [ profile] honorh 

This is my favorite Susan!fic; it's vastly superior to Neil Gaiman's variation on the same theme. Susan, over time, heals. It's really lovely, and the last line is a happy tearjerker.

How I Met Your Mother, "Marshall Eriksen and the Secret Book" by wordplay

Absolutely adorable and totally believable for these two. Marshall and Lily and their relationship to Harry Potter, especially when you're a couple sharing one copy of a book. D'awww.

Saturday Night Live, "That Thing Where, Like, Seth Meyers Was Off-Limits But Now He Sort Of Isn’t" by [ profile] hellomenotdead 

This fic isn't perfect—it's missing the tweaked out, insane angle to Stefon (deliberately) and isn't as witty as the show itself. But it holds its own, it's fun, and it exists. Oh, Internet, you are good to me.

Sherlock, "That Thing You Love" by [ profile] introductory 

The Most Interesting Man in the World is dead, and Molly meets The Old Spice Guy. It manages to combine making it up to Molly and the sheer ridiculousness of the Old Spice Guy—and his dialogue is spot-on. I mean:

"He lived the most interesting life," said Mustafa gravely. "He regretted nothing. He forsook no pleasure, he spurned no women, he denied no opportunity. And I, too, live by those principles."

Freaking genius.
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Any episode would have a difficult time coming after "The Doctor's Wife", which was all kinds of brilliant and fannishly gratifying, but this wasn't the best-executed episode. Not terrible by any means, but it could have been tighter.

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And BBCAmerica won't be airing the second part until after Memorial Day weekend, so boo. I guess I'll just have to watch Buffy until then. I don't know, I read Fans, Gamers, and Bloggers, which included a father/son analysis of a few episodes centering on the tension between adults and adolescents, and now I'm excited to watch it. Yay!
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…I blame finals.

In any case, I've had time to catch up on Doctor Who this week and finally read theories. God. Keeping myself unspoiled was physically painful.

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Also; the Doctor likes bunk beds and can't imagine why a married couple would object to them. ONE OF US, ONE OF US.
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This has been a lovely week for television for me, since I've also stopped watching Glee. I'm down to How I Met Your Mother and Doctor Who, although I'm watching Xena and Buffy at the moment. I'll probably start doing episode updates for the latter two soonish. I feel I neglect this journal, which is sad.

Spoilers ahead.

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Just… man, I missed this show. I hate to bring up Glee, but I finally ditched it because it didn't take its characters or its plot or its audience seriously. Doctor Who does, and it shows. There's care, passion, and respect put into it, and that's what makes it an awesome program.
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Currently, over at Whitechapel (run by Warren Ellis), there's a thread entitled "ULTIMATE NERD REMAKE/REMODEL: The Thirteenth Doctor". If you haven't seen it, I highly recommend you check it out- there's lot of interesting art and ideas concerning the supposed last incarnation of the Doctor.

Ben Templesmith's Thirteen is getting a lot of attention- it's sort of as if Nine and Eleven had a post-apocalyptic baby, but I prefer some of the other stuff on the thread. Neil Struthers' wizard Bill Murray is a lovely older Thirteen, and I'm a sucker for fractal patterns, as well as the sonic screwdriver tied to a stick to make a wizard staff. (He would.) Pia Guerra's fairly conservative Thirteen is lovely, especially the choice of Sally Sparrow as a companion and the interior of the TARDIS, which looks like the basement of a Victorian science lab. And all you need to know about Annie Wu's Thirteen is that her piece is entitled "DON'T BUY A TARDIS. BECOME A TIME LORD AND THEY GIVE YOU ONE FOR FREE." Thirteen as aging rock star Bill Nighy. Love it.

Oh, and most importantly- Kensington proposes having the Thirteenth Doctor be prepared for death... and then regenerate into the Fourteenth Doctor, giving us a story arc for that series as the Doctor tries to figure out why he didn't die. Brilliant.
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After weeks of avoiding spoilers and generally sticking my fingers in my ears, "The Big Bang" has finally aired on BBCAmerica.

And it was flawless.

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Doctor Who was taping just as my The Lord of the Rings Extended Edition marathon entered the second disc of Return of the King. I believe I achieved some sort of delicious and British nerdvana yesterday.

(I started crying at Sam's "But I can carry you!" and basically didn't stop until he got home. This story just does things to my heart, folks. Friendly commentary yielded several potentially good jokes that I will icon shortly.)

Moved back home on Thursday; my room is so messy I don't even want to deal with it, but I will clean it up this week. Most likely while watching the Appendices and seeking a video of the 2004 Oscars. <3
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I picked up some fliers at LUSH and now my room smells delicious.

I saw Sherlock Holmes last Saturday, and it was... amazing. Action and awesome and bromance, you know? I even loved Irene Adler, what with her adventure tweed and red hair and being from New Jersey. It was brilliant.

Rite Aids across the land now have those Valentine bags of only cherry Tootsie Pops, so I'm overjoyed, and I found one that stocks Sinful Color nail polish, which is the only way I'm getting a cheap yellow to mix colors with. I can franken nail polish again, yay!

I just realized that The End of Time, Part 2 ("GALLIFREY WILL RISE!") is airing on my brother's birthday, so I probably won't be able to watch it on time. Expect me to avoid the Internets until I do on January 2.


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