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OH MY GOD. I was spoiled for Tano, but that entire battle at the end of the episode and how Bei Fong and Korra worked together? Oh my Lord, that’s why I watch this show. Brilliant, brilliant, brilliant. 

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It was fantastic enough with Korra dealing with fear for the first time in her life and Tenzin proving himself a crap statesman, and then they threw that flashback in there (which is clearly Yukoan). I screamed, truly. The two shows are so different in tone—most of the humor here is teenage level, especially with Bolin, while Avatar: The Last Airbender could happily rely on slapstick in a pinch—that it’s wrenching to see Sokka, Aang, and Toph as adults, integrating into a more complex world. 

…I don’t trust Asami. 

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Well, Korra solved her spirituality problems quick, didn't she? I've really been noticing the compressed season lately, especially with the love triangle. Eh.

But Lin Bei Fong is the queen of my heart at the momentShe's badass, she cares about her men, she's got a great coat, and nothing will stop her from being a force for good. Brilliant
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Here, we bounce between the lightness of Team Avatar 2.0 (it's okay, Korra, you've got buddies!) and the horror of the advancement of bending in the last hundred years. In the chase sequence, Mako throws some lightning, which I forgot about being common place, and then I realized it was a bit of foreshadowing for the end fight here. The police are becoming more and more paranoid, and it's up to Korra to fight for everyone's rights.

And I wonder what part of the world Korra's going to go to next? 
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The characters are fantastic, distinct, and engaging, and Korra’s challenges as an Avatar in an industrial society is intriguing. But I think what I came away most astounded by is the world. I mean, magical martial arts 1920s Shanghai is just fantastic, and the score does a lot of the heavy lifting in linking everything together.

And I love 1920s radio announcer voices. They’re just so silly.

…so Mako is Batman?

This series continues to astound me—it’s so unique and so thoughtful. It’s worldbuilding at its best without getting in the way of the actual story; or, in another light, the worldbuilding is the story. What happens when a world where magic creates inequality industrializes? Each side has a point. It reminds me of a plot point that was painfully avoided in Singer’s X-Men trilogy; how do you protect everyone when some people are walking WMDs? But it wouldn’t be an Avatar: The Last Airbender series without great characters, and I really liked seeing Mako and Bolin being brothers who had to fight to survive together.

While I’m not thrilled about the idea of Mako and Korra (although Korra being smooth is dreamy), I like the fact that Tenzin’s kids are lampshading it so hard. (You can tell one of them was a Katara/Zuko shipper, although that would invalidate her existence.)

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  • I know there's a lot of awesome in here, but I am so happy sky bison are back. I don't think my heart could take it if Appa's death ended the species.
  • Korra looks badass. To the point that I want to work out harder tomorrow because she makes me feel a little noodly in the arms. I hope her characterization matches up, but I have no reason to doubt the team on that.
  • 1920s steampunk Shanghai. Apparently, the soundtrack will involve Chinese jazz. LOVE IT.
  • The widespread use of chi blocking by the antibenders in order to even the odds in fights. Avatar: The Last Airbender always had creative and just plain fun to watch fights, so tossing that in will make for even more.


Jun. 30th, 2010 11:01 pm
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Not only is The Last Airbender getting absolutely ravaged by critics, but [ profile] ontd_pixar exists. I'm actually feeling a little bad for The Last Airbender; I mean, even if it was a great film, I wouldn't have seen it because of the casting, but the critics are harsh.


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