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Yesterday, I had a wonderful time at the Georgia Renaissance Festival. It was the last day, so there were some nice sales, and we had along two RenFest virgins with us who thoroughly enjoyed themselves. I got called a gelfling twice, by the gentleman from Aradani Studios and by Ded Bob, so I think I need to watch The Dark Crystal soon. The Tortuga Twins were awesome, as per usual, although I got shut down by Raphael since I was the only person in the audience that screamed "KISS HIM" at the appropriate point. (Scaramouche, God love him, licked Raphael's face in exchange for the two dollars we could scrounge up, which I had to or got to stick in his tights, depending on your point of view. I was a bit confused as to where I needed to put them.) I'm steadily rounding out my collection of their DVDs.

Once I got home, I decided to plug in Rhys Meyers, my external hard drive, and finally send some pic spams to people who have been asking for them. But Rhys Meyers made a terrible, terrible noise and Demora Pasha, my laptop, now fails to recognize him at all.

Since Rhys Meyers is so old, the warranty is long void, so I opened him up to see if the enclosure was the problem. I went through it with some compressed air and ended up slicing my thumb on some part of his innards, so that sucked. But after working on him yesterday and this morning, I have determined that the problem is in the hard drive itself- I plugged it in independently of the enclosure and it made the same skipping noise and gave up. I'm going to take it to Best Buy and see what I can do.

The thing is, there's nothing on Rhys Meyers that is worth the $250 I'd have to pay for data recovery. It's just photos, fanworks, gifs, art, various sources of lulz, and video that I've collected since I was in seventh grade. I have pictures of Orlando Bloom from way back when, when everyone was swooning over Legolas. Obviously, a lot of the stuff on there has sentimental value to me, and I don't want to lose it. But I can't think of a way to justify spending that much on it. Hopefully, I can find someone who can retrieve the data for a much more reasonable price if it's very serious. It's just so frustrating.

It's D & D!

Jun. 4th, 2010 11:36 pm
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I played Dungeons and Dragons for the very first time today. Our Dungeon Master was quite lenient, because I don't think players are supposed to kidnap NPCs, make fabulous accessories out of corpses, or lose their genitalia by failing a throw. It was quite interesting and educational, and I think we're going to make it a weekly thing, which would be fun.

I'm going to Renaissance Festival for the last time this season on Sunday, since it's the last day, so hopefully there will lots of things on sale and the Tortuga Twins show will be extra awesome. <3

I actually finished a costume by wandering into a thrift store, which I love. Streetwear!Harley is done, although I can definitely improve on the jacket. But the gloves are so perfect- red and black with hearts for the cut-out on the back of the hand. I tried to get some pictures, but the full body shots are failing, so I can't get in all the red and black I want to. (One red glove, one black glove, one red Converse, one black Converse.) I've also made significant progress on my Team Fortress 2 Spy costume, otherwise known as the only thing Debate has done for me lately. I need gloves and the ski mask, as well as a tie. I might think about reworking my Dr. Quinn costume to also work as a Medic costume, but that's very, very far off.

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(I may have just turned down the volume on my computer in an attempt to turn the volume down on my television. GO TO SLEEP, ME.)

I finally got a chance to go to the Georgia Renaissance Festival today, with [ profile] ink_slinger22 and some of her peripheral fellows. (Attending a women's college makes you think of dudes as specifically connected to their female friends and girlfriends.) While it was threatening to storm, the weather actually held nicely. We actually saw a lot of shows this time around- Aerial Acrobatics and All The King's Horses as well as our usual Ded Bob and Tortuga Twins (the R-rated show, of course). Ded Bob had a fair amount of new material, as well as being derailed by the audience, and we totally derailed the Tortuga Twins show, as well as getting them to kiss. (It's not RenFest season until you do that, folks.) It was hilarious. I didn't actually pick up any new garb or jewelry- I bought a Tortuga Twins DVD and a fan membership. :B 

I may be traveling soon- my parents, who pretend to not be spontaneous, are thinking of going to New England on Tuesday or Wednesday, and I still haven't convinced them to let me stay, look after the house and the dog, and look for work. I've applied to Target, Rita's, and a local card store, and I'm just waiting to hear back. I just want to work over the summer or, failing that, focus on things I've neglected during school- my French, my piano, etc. It's just... ugh. 
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Renaissance Festival was a blast, as always, but a bit more so than usual!

Continue? )

 It was a very fun festival.
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Freaking awesome. Went in a large group this time, which was fantastic. We found some of my seniors also there (NATALYA!!!), whom we loved on before we went in. We did seriously shop, and watched shows. The Black Lupin talked to us a whole bunch, and I ended up being so enthusiastic, I got a pin and a whole lot of cheek and hand kisses. He's so sweet, if you don't want to be actually kissed on the cheek, he'll air kiss. Unfortunately, we were watching the Tortugas' R-Rated Show as they were voting for mayor. But he kisses hands and shakes babies! :D

I bought myself a new sash for the Tetra costume, much more authentic than my previous one, and almost bought new shoes- but no, I need real sandals. And they were fifty bucks. I'm just going to raid Rack Room and Payless when I can, as I usually do. My feet go to eleven, kids, I have to. I ate those amazing cookies again. They were so good oh man I didn't even need my fingers just my FACE. nom nom nom.

I ended up buying [profile] doirn her birthday presents- two prints by an artist who sells their work at RenFest.

We did see Ded Bob (much better this time, as the audience was participating!). During the impressions, I called out "Christian Siriano from Project Runway!", but it came out pitchy, and Bob was all over it. :D Hilarious.

We came across a ball and cup contest with a bunch of cast members in, but they were short one- so [profile] doirn jumped in. She ended up winning, partially because Celia was rigging it, but she actually won the championship round! :D She got a free ball and cup game.

And we saw the Tortuga Twins. :D It was hilarious. [profile] doirn's first time, by the way. She loved it. They were top notch, funny, and I will never look at Starbucks again. There was also a new Tortuga Twin, Salvadore, who's being trained to go to other festivals. He's got fantastic braids, a very good voice, and some dental work going on- a retainer or braces. Hopefully they'll be done by next year. He's also in much, much better shape than the original three. :D

Afterwards, I bought one of their DVDs, and got pictures with them. They also signed my DVD- D'Angelo put a little heart. <3 They're so nice. Scaramouche actually said I had nice eyes and would look gorgeous when I grew up. * It made my day. I got a picture with Salvadore, because it was his last day in the Festival, and he growled in my ear! I squeaked like a mouse. Hee.

Next year, most of us will be eighteen and in fantastic costumes, so it will be even better.

*I have this thing about being complimented on my physical appearance by straight men- mostly, it just creeps me out, but there are some cases where it doesn't. Women, not so much- although I'm heteroromantic, I would be more comfortable being hit on by a lesbian or bisexual woman than a straight man. There's very few men I'll happily take such compliments from (and growling!), and the Tortugas are among them. :D


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