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I’m sick, exhausted, and elated. This may or may not be as coherent as it should be. Edits will be forthcoming in case of that event.

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So that was it. Photos may be forthcoming. I need to sleep.
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I've... I've signed up for NaNoWriMo. This will go on in my mysterious real life, but I had an idea for a novel last night that I might want to use as a starting point. Or write about drag queens in space. I'm not sure.

I met [personal profile] musical_junkie today, who goes to the same school I do! And she's a member of [ profile] ontd_startrek , and ships Rosencrantz/Guildenstern, so she is awesome in my book. <3 Of course, I spent this evening being a nerd instead of, I dunno, doing my laundry, so that'll get done tomorrow.

I can't wait for Saturday, man. My costume is all ironed, my Queens accent... well, it's been rehearsed, and I've got my cereal bars ready. LET IT BEGIN!


Aug. 18th, 2009 10:00 pm
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Oh man, I look atrocious in the pictures I'm in. I hope the one guy who took a picture of me does not regret it. I think I was just not having a photogenic day. OH WELL.

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I had an absolute blast at Dragon*Con. Next year, watch out for a Captain Tetra Hyrule, all I'm saying. I will somehow manage to find a way to make that bun look natural. MARK MY WORDS.

I went up with Kaitlin, and met up with [ profile] ink_slinger22 there. I originally planned to hit the Venture Bros. panel instead of the parade, but, despite arriving at eight (when the line opened!), we waited about a little less than two hours in line. I caught the tail end of the parade. Lesson Number 1: STORM TROOPERS ARE AWESOME. There were LOADS of them in the Star Wars portion of the parade, and the Doctor Who Parade was awesome. There was this woman dressed as one of the Doctors who looked fantastic, so I took a picture. The zombie part of the parade kind of freaked me out- they were very, very good. There was Battlestar Galatica stuff in the parade, which was pretty awesome. And I saw Michelle Nichols! I failed to take a picture, though. Bleh.

After that, we went back to [ profile] ink_slinger22's hotel room to eat something, and then tried to get to the Harry Potter panel- the one with the Phelps twins and Matthew Lewis. After accidently getting in line for Mythbusters, we found the room. It was full, and we were locked out. Sadness.

We headed to the dealers' room, which Melissa confused with the exhibition room, and so we went to both. Saw lots of neat stuff. There was a corset booth, with the greatest banner of all: "CHEAP CORSETS ARE FOR CHEAP WOMEN! AREN'T YOU WORTH MORE?" There was also a Utilikilt booth. I must say, I was quite pleased with the number of scantily-clad, skirted, and kilted men- between a great deal of revealing female costumes (and keeping your cell phone in your boobs is a great way to get cancer, btw) it was most refreshing! I found Princess Princess DVDs (didn't buy them- 20 bucks for something I already have dubbed?), and Freakazoid DVDs (forty bucks), but I'm buying the Heroes DVDs sometime this weekend.

We took in a conspiracy theory panel (after accidently wandering into an X-Files panel), which was nice. I'd seen the speaker on the Colbert Report, and it was moderately interesting- specifically, debunking traditional conspirator thought. They sound like forum trolls.

After that, I ducked over to a Heroes panel, which I loved. We discussed Nikki/Jessica (who knew over-analyzing Yu-Gi-Oh! would help me over-analyze American television?), Sylar, and Micah. One panelist declared herself the first Micah/Molly shipper. It was an absolute blast, and I think I recognized another guy in the audience, but I couldn't remember where. The panel brought up an interesting point about Angela Petrelli- perhaps the absence of her Alzheimer symptoms in the first episode is due to Linderman healing her, leaving her in his debt. Or Mrs. Petrelli is manipulating everybody. There was also talk about how powers work- a character with super-strength needs some invulnerability, for instance.

I rushed back to a Harry Potter predictions theory panel, which was nice. Nothing really much revealed. Scantily-clad boy in essentially a large teatowel. :B

I tried to go down to the dealers' room and buy something (ANYTHING TO PROVE I HAD BEEN THERE!), but they closed it. Sad face. Melissa and Kaitlin bought me a Black Knight plushie though! I loves it.

Throughout the day and between panels, I took a few pictures. Lesson Number 2: HUG THE COSPLAYERS. Limited myself to two Jack Sparrow pictures, but I hugged the last one. Yay! I love Jack Sparrow impersonators. As long as I get to hug one a year, all is right with the world. They also smelled nice. I also found a Wicked: The Musical trio! Elphaba, an Asian Fiyero, and Glinda! They were so great. A Storm Trooper ran up and got in my first picture of them. :B I love Storm Troopers. You can kind of tell what order the pictures are taken in- I start appearing in them and hugging the cosplayers after a while. There was a fantastic Barbossa, and we got pictures with Plank from Ed, Edd, and Eddie. Yes, PLANK. My first Jack also had a great Tia- a fantastic costume. We also found and took pictures with a Hagrid, at the end, where I was very cuddly. I told him, "My, you're wide!" while I was hugging him, and assured him it was a compliment. And it was! He wasn't fat, he was just a big guy.

That's all I remember for now. It was a blast. Pictures tomorrow!


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