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Sailor Moon, “Protect Mom's Dream: Double Moon's New Attack”

Hawk’s Eye’s predatory trait: going after older women. I do like that we get to see how Chibiusa interacts with her grandmother.

Sailor Moon, “Catch Pegasus: The Amazon's Trap”

Naru, having learned after her first disastrous relationship, rejects Tiger’s Eye’s story of being terminally ill.

Sailor Moon, “The Perfect Couple: Usagi and Mamoru's Love”

Okay, I like that Mamoru is getting more to do this season, because there’s more character comedy and less end of the world, but this means we get to look the fact that this twenty-two year old is dating a fifteen year old pretty hard in the face. After getting creeped out, however, we find Chibiusa in a Back to the Future subplot, as well as the victim of the week having the possibility of being the Commissioner Gordon to Sailor Moon’s Batman.

Sailor Moon, “Artemis Is Cheating? Enter the Mysterious Kitten”

Tiger’s Eye goes after a nun and we meet Diana, who is honestly great? Formal and polite but just as aggressive and weird as Chibiusa.

Sailor Moon, “Makoto's Friendship: The Girl Who Admired Pegasus”

The Twilight of the Sailor Moon universe is about a Pegasus and a mortal woman.

Sailor Moon, “Connecting Hearts: Chibi-Usa and Pegasus”

Focusing on the different dreams of women means that this season gets to show that women are people, too, even more than usual. I really like this because it features a teacher whose dream is to have a really easy, loving class, but whose reality is different, and that’s okay. Her dream motivates her to be a better teacher. Awww.

Sailor Moon, “Protect Mamoru: Ninja Usagi's Jealousy”

The girls destroy Mamoru’s apartment (HA HA HA) and then Usagi goes full ninja mode to make sure Mamoru and Rei don’t hook up while he stays with her.

Sailor Moon, “Forest of Illusion: A Beautiful Fairy's Invitation”

Fish’s Eye is deployed for the first time. I’m fascinated by Fish’s Eye—as I am with all queer sea monsters—and there’s plenty of room and evidence to read him as genderfluid to some degree. There’s never any “IT’S A MAN, BABY” reveals for his victims, even when he’s out of “drag”, and there’s a later episode where he chooses what gender to present as to his victim.

Sailor Moon, “Drive to the Heavens: The Dream Car Fueled with Love”

This is the point during my marathon that I fell asleep—DAMN YOU FLU!—but cars, yay?

Sailor Moon, “Aiming for the Top: the Pretty Swordswoman's Dilemma”

Chibiusa befriends a tiny samurai. I like this one, because it ends with Chibiusa and Usagi having a mother/daughter moment, which they don’t usually get.

Sailor Moon, “We Love Fashion: The Stylish Guardians”

Fish’s Eye straight up Yokos a fashion studio, breaking up a perfectly happy gay couple in the process. They recover and Usagi gets a (hideous) wedding dress out of the deal.

Sailor Moon, “Storm of Love: Minako's Grand Two-Timing Plan”

Minako running around trying to have two dates at once—BECAUSE SHE CAN HAVE IT ALL—is hilarious.

Sailor Moon, “The Secret Mansion: a Menu of Love for You”

Diana is hilarious in this episode.

Sailor Moon, “Believe in Pegasus: The Four Guardians' Super Transformation”

Oh, yeah, of course the only recurring gay character is also a pedophile. Although I do find it ironic that Hawk’s Eye and Tiger’s Eye give Fish’s Eye well-deserved shit when, not a few episodes ago, they picked up an eight year old. UGH.

Sailor Moon, “Shining Summer Days: Ami Under the Sea-Breeze”

Is it time for the annual beach episode again? I’m not crazy about Shingo’s crush on Ami, but since this is the last episode he ever appears in, WHATEVER. I do like that Fish’s Eye and Hawk’s Eye have just accompanied Tiger’s Eye to the beach. MAYBE THEY’RE FRIENDS?!

Sailor Moon, “Become a Prima: Usagi's Ballet”

Fish’s Eye! YOU COULD BE THEIR FRIEND IF YOU COULD FEEL HUMAN KINDNESS! But no. Fish’s Eye, who is a great ballerina because I guess fish are great at dancing, attempts to Yoko a local production of Giselle, but can’t. Also, there’s fat-shaming of Usagi, which is bullshit.

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