Jul. 10th, 2012

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Okay, there were a few moments where I went “BULLSHIT!” (Leia saying she’s always known Luke is her brother) and “THE LORD OF THE RINGS DID IT BETTER!” (Theoden’s dying scene with Eowyn—in the films, obviously—is pretty much cribbed from here, and I think it works better, because they went through Theoden’s curse/depression together), but for the most part, a nice way to cap off the series. The Ewoks weren’t annoying; I kind of like their design, since they’re little nightmare teddy bears, but the party at the end was a bit much. In any case, Leia was particularly awesome here, and I love the idea that she’s going to go on and become a Jedi herself. (And I kinda of love that in her reaction to the reveal, you get all the expected stuff, and a hint of “OH MY GOD I KISSED MY BROTHER?”, which shows up in Han’s reaction to the same fact.) I hope that happened in the Expanded Universe. We’re bouncing from a lighter film (with the Ewoks) to a more emotionally mature one (the family drama), but it coheres more than it doesn’t.

And the Rancor beastmaster is the best joke in the entire trilogy, I think. Although Obi-Wan trying to cover his ass via “Well, Luke, from a certain point of view, I didn’t lie to you at all!” is pretty good. Is it policy that Jedi Masters can just screw with their Padawans? Because I dig that. 


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